Itziar Ortuondo Services


All of Itziar Ortuondo’s staff are passionate about the design, production and celebration of extraordinary events.

We materialise, carry out and work on your original idea to obtain results which go beyond your highest expectations. We will be your personal assistant throughout this process, managing and coordinating everything the event requires such as location, suppliers, timing, etc.

We consider that the small details as well as the DECORATION and LIGHTING, are the cornerstone which make an event both MAGICAL and EXCLUSIVE. That is why we put so much emphasis on these aspects.

Some of our services:
- Wedding planning
- Evenings-out and anniversaries
- Corporate events
- Opening days
- New product presentation events
- Auctions / Fund-raising
- Receptive and business-related tourism
- Summer parties
- Christmas events.

Please contact us for further information on our services or to arrange an appointment.